The Project


This is our second project for the course AGI18. We wanted to explore the creation of a Virtual Reality Game, as opposed to our first project involving Augmented reality. We focus any Google Cardboard compatible smartphone so that the game can be enjoyed by the majority.


This project aims at creating a game with simple game mechanics, but advanced gestures as we use a technology which allows the player to use its hands while wearing the VR headset. We also had to incorporate a wide-angle video from the camera kindly provided by Raptor Vision, LLC.


We explore various techniques such as using a renderTexture as a skybox, playing a video which was recorded beforehands. Our game uses albedo and normal maps to be able to represent the ground more accurately. The challenge resides in the use of OpenGL ES which prevents us from using current generation rendering solutions that are found on more powerfull devices.


The project aims at creating a new experience of user interaction by exploring Virtual Reality with hand gestures. We use a library called Manomotion which manages real time image processing, hand and gesture detections, to enable the player to perform different tasks, such as aiming, charging and using a shield.


We learned to work in an international team (french, spanish, indonesian and swedish) to use existing Virtual Reality technologies via Cardboard in Unity, and create a game that is both fun and entertaining. We learned to use APIs, animation and wide-angle videos to create an interesting game.


"What is this?? I am afraid" An adult tester.

"It is pretty cool to be able to use your hand and aim at zombies to kill them" A teenager at Open House.

The Team

Fredd Duque
(Virtual Reality Interactions,
Manomotion Integration)

I Wayan Kurniawan
(Design of the Game Mechanics,
User Interface)

Adam Karlsson
(Modelling and Animation,
Game Mechanics)

Alban Gauthier
(Graphics, Wide-angle camera footage Integration, Web Designer)

Making Of


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